Tariff Tantrums

Tariff Tantrums

Chris Tate takes a sweep of the markets with a look at the tariff effect in the USA, the Brexit divorce and the Aussie market. Louise plays the song by Queen Another One Bites the Dust to highlight the power of pattern recognition.

Chris Tate – Market Wrap

Tariff Tantrums in the USA are causing uncertain markets and they have performed unenergetically to date this year.

Chris looks at the difference between the Asian and American psyche and the reality of the bond market in the USA

The ASX has struggled to hold the 6400 mark as post-election the markets drifted down but there are signs of life in GOLD.

Chris tells the opportunities he is looking at and advice to traders this week.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Pattern recognition is a key survival skill.

The more patterns we can see the quicker we would be able to save ourselves from that tiger hiding in the jungle!  The faster we would have seen that spider ready to bite us when we were one of our primitive ancestors.

We are prewired to see patterns.

Hear Louise play Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust to hear a pattern that you may not have heard yet.


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