It is Rocket Science

It is Rocket Science

Welcome back to Perry Kaufman part 2 on the importance of testing and some of the secrets to his success including rising at 4.30am each morning. Louise Bedford looks at marriage ‘material trading’ and finding the perfect archetypal trade.

Marriage Material Trading

Make sure the instrument you buy is MARRIAGE MATERIAL.

Do you have a checklist?

Do you have an archetype?

Find an image of that perfect trade that ticks every box and then …. print it out.


Perry Kaufman

Perry Kaufman’s advice to youngsters is to marry someone smarter than you.

And arguably Perry may have done that himself, his wife was a member and floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile exchange. She is a systematic trader and he is algorithmic, and she is perfectly willing to tell Perry that he is out of his mind.

We still don’t know who does the household budget but it is a good guess that they have it sorted between them.

Perry talks testing systems and how to determine and define your parameters and he also gives his top 3 pieces of advice in the markets.

We ask Perry about some of the secrets to his success. Spoiler alert – one of them is that he rises at 4.30am …. every morning!

He eats the ugliest frog first each day and his 100-year old mother still manages her own stock portfolio.

We also hear his favourite quote which seems suitably perfect for a former rocket scientist and algorithmic trader: “Numbers are like people if you torture them they will say anything.”

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