The Systems Effect

The Systems Effect

Trading teaches life skills with mentoree Simon Wray-McCann, Louise Bedford tells you to get ready for success by harnessing your mirror neurons with good visualization and Chris Tate tells you how to measure your trading results.


Mindpower Louise Bedford

How are you likely to react if you made a sudden windfall PROFIT?

VISUALISATION is a neurological key to manifesting your trading results.

Think about how you would respond to making that huge profit? Who would be the first person you would tell? How would that change your life?

Once you have visualized your MIRROR NEURONS are fired and they are more likely to repeat that same scenario.

So imagine that profit on a really DEEP LEVEL and you will move forward towards that reality.


A Little Trading – Chris Tate

What are the success metrics of your trading?






Simon Wray-McCann is a mentoree of 2016 who came into the Trading Game Mentor Program aware he wasn’t going to be spoon-fed.

His journey in the MP and the markets has made him grow as person and in his career.

Fellow mentoree Bob Mitchinson meeting told Simon that the mentor program was going to change his life.

And it has.

It has changed the way Simon approaches his career, his family life and his personal development. The financial profit so far is just icing on the cake.

In his career trading skills have helped him develop an edge, to work in probabilities, to manage risk, to not self-sabotage and not become overly euphoric about things.

It has also made him get very clear on his PURPOSE in life and why he trades.

The importance of a plan B came into full effect when he had a run in with his boss and found that trading gave him confidence.

Louise and Chris find Simon impressive with his enthusiasm and energy and as Simon says: If it is meant to be it is up to me.

Trading has changed every aspect of Simon’s life.

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