Market Wizard Tom Basso

Market Wizard Tom Basso

Imagine being able to hear the specifics of a Market Wizards trading plan?

In this episode it becomes real. The legendary Tom Basso walks through the technicals of his trading system and how he makes profit. Louise Bedford reaffirms that trading education is your prize.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

The true professional never stops growing and learning.

The true win in trading is your trading education so can you repeat the win again and again.

Never stop learning about the markets.


Market Wizard Tom Basso

Tom is most famously known as Mr. Serenity in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard series.

Now retired from managing client money Tom was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management, which at its peak handled $600 million worth of other people’s money.

Tom Basso shares his view on trend following and drills down into the mechanics of his personal trading systems.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Trend following systems and exploiting trends
  • Trading losses and how he views the next trade

In the past Tom Basso has painstakingly answered every trading question over personal email, Facebook message, and twitter feeds. But now he has now created his own trader website to answer trader questions and educate. He also has a narrated version of his book ‘Panic Proof Investing’ and he adds other topics he is interested in such as golf, lifestyle and healthy cooking.

Go there and check it out. You will even see a photo of Tom singing with Celine Dion tribute singer!


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