Market Wizard Tom Basso Part 2

Market Wizard Tom Basso Part 2

Want to hear more from Market Wizard Tom Basso? Tom discusses the psychology of his trading, current markets and the new world he has created at Enjoy the Ride where traders have unique access to the life and trading of Tom Basso.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

TRADING IS your gift.

Think of your needs being met and you will be welcoming wealth into your account.

Trading is the gift you give yourself.


Tom Basso

It took Tom Basso 5 years to become profitable in the markets, but every year he lost less money and with every mistake he improved.

He kept peeling back the onion….

As time went by he learnt that DISCPLINE and SELF AWARENESS were vital in a traders psychology and he undertook exercises to increase his AWARENESS.

We discuss current markets as well as the EU.

And we talk about the world Tom has created on his website – A place to learn, a place to connect and a place to improve your craft.

Rather than answering the same trader’s questions over and over he has put them all in a short collection of videos as well as useful links and research.

Yes it is true – Tom hit a high note with the Celine Dion tribute singer.

He also offers sneak peaks into his healthy lifestyle complete with delish recipes.

Tom even emailed me some amazing healthy recipes.

But wait… Tom will still be around for mentoring, he won’t be going anywhere and you are still able to contact him.


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