Swordsman Trading

Swordsman Trading

Performance coach and investor David Hobart on trading with your edge.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Saying no to other people can be your ticket to success.

You don’t have to say yes to other people’s goals, dreams and agendas.

What can you say no to that will enable you a little bit more freedom?



Caroline Stephen – Overcoming humiliation

How to overcome the nastiest of emotions.




David Hobart

How much of self-doubt is a good thing for traders?

At 11.20 mins we discuss why a little bit of self-doubt is a good thing for traders and at 13.05 mins we look at performance pressures and some repetitive behaviours and biases which impact traders negatively.

Then David talks about entry and how sword training (21.05 mins) helped him psychologically trading. He learnt how to go into battle as though he was already dead…how did this help his trading?  So he could look at a drawdown metric square in the face and do battle.

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