Beat Burnout

Beat Burnout

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate discuss the importance of maintaining your energy so you can perform at the top of your trading game.

Louise Bedford

Louise discusses surge capacity and why you may feel depleted at the moment. We’ve been under heightened anxiety conditions for all of 2020. This has had an impact on all of us.




Chris Tate

Trading is a profession that can without a doubt be stressful. The constant demands and the continual benchmarking of your performance can if not managed lead to burnout which can in extreme cases lead to the end of a trader’s career. It can feel like it’s ‘do or die’ and you can’t force the market to give you money. If the market’s not trending, that is stressful – and this can lead to insecurity. But stress is not burnout. Burnout is a function of the unrelenting nature of stress and our inability to adapt.

Listen to Chris Tate’s remedy to this pervasive condition and find your solutions so you can trade like a Market Wizard.

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