Swordsman Trading Part 2

Swordsman Trading Part 2

Performance coach and investor David Hobart on trading at your best.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Louise has just read Angela Duckworth book “Grit”.

Now we are coming out of lockdown, should we encourage extra circular activities for our children?

A Harvard Study has proven that extra circular activities for children lead to more happiness and resilience when they are adults in their chosen profession.

As traders we look to spread a ripple effect out to the world and our encouragement to our children and grandchildren can go a long way.


David Hobart

In the second half of David Hobart’s interview we look at how to break out of rumination and press an emotional reset button to regulate your feelings. (7.20 mins)

David then talks about his trading journey (12.40 mins) and taking responsibility navigating different market conditions and then we hear his last piece of advice for traders, don’t gamble but understand what gives you your statistical edge. (16.30 mins)

To find out more about David go to: (http://davidhobart.com/)


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