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In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we hear from Anton Destounis who suffered a severe spinal injury and turned to the markets to SURVIVE. Anton turned a hobby into a PASSION and PURPOSE for living that has saved him emotionally mentally and financially. Niv Dagan also tells us what to look for in the next winning IPO, Chris Tate gives his trading quote of the week and Louise Bedford tells us to do one thing each week to improve your trading.


chris_tate_expChris Tate Quote – Trading Survivability

The market is a cruel paradox in that you have to survive long enough in order to be profitable.

The motto is… keep surviving.



Mindpower – Do one thing a week

Every great trader has suffered creeping doubts, worries that they wouldn’t excel and fears they weren’t making the money they felt they deserved.

You are not alone.

This week find one thing that improves your trading and then find one more thing each week. It is only through REPETITION and FOCUS that your results become as big as your ambitions.


AntonAnton Destounis

Life for this corporate cat became very different when he suffered a severe spinal injury and found himself lying flat on his back every day unable to work or move.

The markets rescued him. Not just financially but mentally and emotionally. They became his PASSION and gave him PURPOSE and a means of SURVIVAL.

‘A man without a vision shall perish.’ so sayeth the Bible and Adonis has not only learnt to keep his dreams alive in spite of his condition he has learnt to financially thrive.


How to identify the winning IPO? – Niv Dagan Peak Asset Management

Identifying the next winning IPO can be a risky venture but it can also be profitable. According to Niv there are 5 key questions you should be asking yourself before you press ‘buy’.

1.Management – Ask yourself what the company has done in the past, what their future aspirations are and what is their strategy?

2. Identifying the Sector – Is the sector hot at the moment and has momentum going forward?

3. Scalability – What is the ability of the company to expand and take it across cities and continents?

4. Competitive Advantage – What makes your product or service better than others in the market?

5. Valuation – Am I paying too much or too little for this business and where is the EXIT strategy for investors?

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