In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we talk to the 2015 Trading Game Mentor Program graduates at the final Mentor Program Meeting for 2015. Hear how they handled the program, what they found out about themselves and how they feel about their future. Also get a shot in the arm with Louise Bedford in Mindpower as she tells us to not be too cool for school and to drop all the excuses. Plus hear Niv Dagan on the Yellen bomb and the US Fed Reserve decision to keep interest rates on hold.


Niv DaganNiv Dagan Market Wrap

One of the most important macro events of the year was Janet Yellen’s decision to KEEP US interest rates on hold. Find out the reasons behind this decision and the effects it has had on the markets.


Excuses – Mindpower

Don’t be too cool for school and make excuses. Endevour to learn one thing a day to improve your trading and in one week you will have zoomed ahead of the bunch of brain zombies who are too terrified insipid or deluded.

If you are not terrified then you are probably not growing.

What excuse are feeding yourself today?


graduation 20152015 Trading Game Mentor Program Graduates

The six months is complete. The knowledge absorbed. Fifty mentorees are ready to tackle the markets and head towards financial freedom.

Hear their stories over the past six months, how they have grown and what they learnt from the program.

Also hear Chris Tate’s views on the group and Chris Bedford’s (Louise Bedford’s husband) take on trading.



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