Help! I can’t stop procrastinating

Help! I can’t stop procrastinating

This episode has you kicking procrastination in the butt and learning the importance of an unreasonable friend. Find out about the highs in the US market and the movement in our local stocks.


Record highs in the Dow last Friday and the broad strength of the US market have Chris Tate sitting up with interest. Our markets also started the financial year on a high as we finally move out from the gluggy, slack water period of the past 5 years. A new natural trend looks to be asserting itself and it is time to pay attention to domestic stocks again.

Hear what Chris is trading this week and his advice for traders to sit back more than two inches from the TV screen.


LOUISE BEDFORD – Procrastination

Want to maximise your potential and get off the couch? Find out the reason why traders procrastinate and ways to overcome it from both a physical and psychological perspective.

Hear Louise’s personal strategies for overcoming this lurking beast and the enormous power of having an unreasonable friend.



Last but not least our final member in our longitudinal study Andrew Woodward discusses his journey towards financial serenity. What has he achieved over the past 3 months and how does the Mentor Program compare to other trading courses?


Also, Special Report tips and the first stock exchange in the world with Trading Trivia.



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Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod


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