How To Spring Back From Being Smashed

How To Spring Back From Being Smashed

If you have ever felt financially down and out, this episode gives you comfort and support on how to bounce back. Louise also tells parents how your trading influences your children and we hear about our mentoree’s hot tip at the mid point meeting.


The market has been in a holding pattern with low volatility, however data releases this week may give some movement. Unrest in Iraq is causing oil to come back into the equation and we have our first warning not to be complacent over low interest rates. We may be in for a new cycle with rates moving higher.



The Guilt of Parenting.

As a busy mother of two, Louise speaks from her heart to all parents out there learning to trade. Through your own shining example your children will absorb what it takes to fight and be successful.


Trading Trivia

We find out about the hemline index and how women’s dress length is affected by the markets.




With three decades of experience in the franchising industry, Brian Keen has seen the highs and the lows of a business career.

Hear how his subconscious beliefs caused him to run into brick walls and how he has sprung back from being smashed. His advice – don’t take it personally and don’t think you can’t bounce back.

Want to find out if your business is franchisable? Take Brian’s 4 minute questionnaire at



We talk to Coral Taylor at the mid point meeting of the Mentor Program. Find out her history of a hot tip and why she is working hard to learn about the markets.



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