Be Happy. The Science of Happiness

Be Happy. The Science of Happiness

This episode explores the Science of Happiness. Find out what makes us perform at our peak performance levels and stay there.


The US economy is robust and more confident but fears of banking stability in Europe and four potential flare-ups in the Middle East could cast a shadow over our equity markets.

Our agriculture sector is low but gold has had a rally. Jono’s advice is to keep your eyes glued to the All Ords. Plus find out what he is trading this week.


The Science of Happiness – Alan Furlong

Want to feel happier? This interview gives you the keys to rewiring your brain to optimal levels of happiness and sustained success. Find out what successful people do and think each day to perform at their best.

What separates the top one percent of tennis players from the pack and what does an elite group of traders in New York do each morning before they hit the markets?

Alan gives the keys to transforming ourselves at a DNA level and increasing our levels of happiness and ability to flourish in life.

To learn more about Alan Furlong’s 7 Week Business Transformation Program, click here.


Trading Trivia

Find out which jobs Warren Buffet had when he was young.





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