Stock Market Wizards 2

Stock Market Wizards 2

Listen for more trading magic with George Rolleston and the advice he gives traders after his 15 years in the markets. Hear Chris Tate on the nature of success and Louise Bedford on ‘Lessons from Splash Mountain’.

A Little Trading with Chris Tate

The reality of success is often a grind… it takes time… it takes effort.

So how long should you persist if you aren’t making good profits in the markets?

Hear why Chris recommends every trader keep a copy of Market Wizards and New Market Wizards by their bedside.

Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Even Disneyland holds lessons for traders.

Going down a scary ride again and again desensitizes even the most frightened.

The more you do something the easier it becomes and less of a rush you get.

Traders can suffer from desensitization in the markets.

But if you are following a solid trading plan you won’t suffer the GAMBLER’S CURSE.

George Rolleston

After studying with Stock Market Wizards Mark D Cook and Mark Minervini George continued his education and has been trading professionally for 15 years.

In part of two of this interview with George we discuss:

  • How George determines his trade break out and set up
  • The importance of camaraderie and being accountable to your positions
  • The power of investing in yourself
  • Controlling risk and keeping the feedback loop short
  • How ‘If trading were an intellectual endeavor all PhD holders would be billionaires.’ and teaching yourself at an emotional level.

To find out more about George and his new trading incubation project go to

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