Buddy Trading

Buddy Trading

Mentoree Bob Mitchinson demonstrates the power of a support group for trading results, Chris Tate on which markets are trending around the world, Louise Bedford on make a will for goodness sake.

Market Wrap – Chris Tate

The US is seeing a juxtaposition of some mar

kets moving to all time highs and others hopping from one foot to another.

Meanwhile the Australian market has attempted to push to a new high and got within a hairs breath of 1650. In commodities the energy complex is moving but does it have anything to do with the Gordian Knot of Middle Eastern geopolitics or not?

Hear which softs are trending and what Chris has his eye on for this week.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

When did you last look at your will?

Are you absolutely certain that it reflects your views and opinions?

Louise is watching as relatives are fighting for a will. The best way to protect those you love is to create a will that reflects your wishes and the legacy you were hoping to create can create a ripple effect into the world.

Bob Mitchinson

Bob has logged onto the Trading Game forum a record number of 1875 times.

He has been trading for nearly 9 years and is a SELF FUNDED RETIREE – keeping his superannuation afloat and maintaining an income flow.

He makes good use of his life since being an engineer and travels with the profits he makes from the markets.

His favourite part of his journey has been meeting the people involved in the trading fraternity. But Bob insists that other traders help him more than he helps them. His advice to other traders is that trading is an isolationist activity you need other buddies to help get you through.

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