Scared Money Never Wins

Scared Money Never Wins

Chris Tate sets out the reality of full time trading and what sets his financial thermostat and Louise Bedford shares how to handle a windfall profit.

Chris Tate

FULL TIME TRADING is an easy thing to say but a difficult transition to make. And whilst full time traders are internally directed there are a couple of things to watch out for before taking the leap.

1.Under capitization

There is an old Wall Street saying “Scared Money Never Wins.’

If you are dependent on the next trade to put food onto the table you are going to generate a host of errors along the way.

2. Structure

How do you structure you time, your day, your finances? How do you pay yourself?

Boring things like this have to be worked beforehand because once you have made the move – it is too late.

Chris’ advice:  Have big goals with money – and with good grace of hard work and all your ducks lining up you will achieve them.

How does Chris set his wealth thermostat?

The markets are the facilitator of the life he wishes to lead and his inspiration comes from the knowledge that money buys him experiences and freedom; it is only dependent upon his effort.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Handling an unexpected windfall profit that exceeds your expectations can be tricky.

The learning that comes about from making a huge profit can be just as painful and revealing as the learning that comes about from a loss.

If you have a win, the most important thing to do is REWARD YOURSELF.

You must create a feedback loop where your subconscious seeks further rewards.

Caroline StephenCaroline Stephen – Who Am I

Guess this trading legend in this Who Am I segment.

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