Stock Market Wizards

Stock Market Wizards

Trader George Rolleston on what he learned from studying with Stock Market Wizards Mark D Cook and Mark Minervini. Plus find out whether Chris Tate thinks trading is a hobby and hear from Louise Bedford about ‘your success map’.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

What is your success map?

What does success look like for you?

There is inspiration found in looking outward and if you see greatness in others you can emulate the inspiration.

Sometimes comparing yourself to other traders can inspire healthy growth.

Look admire emulate.  That is the formula.

A Little Trading – Chris Tate

Can you treat trading like a hobby or do you need to dive in from the beginning?

According to Chris: Have you ever met a neurosurgeon who you would trust to operate on your head who treated neurosurgery as a hobby?

Hear this segment for more.

George Rolleston

From playing share trading competitions as a five year old with his brother, George has been in the markets professionally for over 15 years.

He studied under two of the great Stock Market Wizards – Mark D Cook and Mark Minervini.

In this interview we discuss:

  • What George learnt from each Stock Market Wizard
  • His trading methods and the power of finding fundamental, technical and cyclical patterns in the markets
  • The importance of only looking at the price action and not buying into stories around stocks
  • When to know to be fully invested in the markets or in cash.

To find out more about George go to:

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