How to Sell Your Dreams to Your Partner…

How to Sell Your Dreams to Your Partner…

Want to find out how to get your spouse to support your goals and dreams? You need to listen to this week’s episode immediately.

Market Wrap – with Ashley Jessen

The US market continues its upward run as indexes climb higher, while the Australian markets also moved up with telecommunications running hot and Telstra recording it highest price since 2001.

While some people predict a downturn, Ashley points out that December and January are seasonally strong periods so we may see a grind higher over the next two months.

For gold lovers – a triple bottom is providing opportunities as well as a potential rally in the Euro Dollar, with Eurozone pessimism at all-time highs. Ashley also gives his trading tips on the ASX too.

Ashley Jessen is the author of ‘CFDs Made Simple’ and Director of Communications at from Invast Financial Services. If you’d like to receive his free market updates, click here.

Big Traders Are Big Readers – with Louise Bedford

Book Review

Difficult conversations – How to discuss what matters most – by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Hein.

Every trader has had a difficult conversation about the markets with someone they love.

Louise shares a difficult conversation she had with her husband when they bought their first house together and how they had to respect each other’s identity. As we find out even Louise had nightmares about the markets.

7 Steps to sell your dreams to your partner – with Janet Beckers

JanetAt one stage or another we have all struggled to get our loved ones to support our dreams and aspirations. Once you are clear in your vision and have set yourself up as the CEO of your own business, clarity of communication is essential to get those you love on board with your mission in life.

And it is not always easy.

Janet outlays 7 simple steps to communicate clearly with your partner so you can gather the support you need. Janet tells how to paint the picture to establish your own credibility and express your passion … and how you can pin point exactly what it is in it for your partner by supporting you.

Click here to grab Janet’s free training. You’ll learn the 5 and a half steps to create a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE your brand.




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