Top Gun Success Secrets

Top Gun Success Secrets

Market Wrap with Aaron Lynch

The US market just creeps higher and higher.

While S&P and The Dow closed on record highs, The Russell 2000 and the Nasdaq moved sideways creating divergence in the US markets. Aaron warns the bulls are tired and to be careful initiating new positions.

The Australian markets were decidedly sick last week with 5 straight down days. Aaron is looking carefully at which stocks retraced and his trading advice is to stay focused. Christmas rallies have been kind in the past and there are often a lot of opportunities around this time of year.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Change your views towards money and what it means to you, and you change your results as a trader. The way a trader thinks always precedes their share trading results.

When we realise money is just a way of keeping score we detach from its power over us. Ironically this attitude paves the way for more of it to enter our lives. So if you want better results in the markets – improve your mind power.


WayneTop Gun success strategies with Wayne Berry

Wayne Berry has built a business empire, stared death in the face and followed his passion for aviation to fly planes.

He speaks about his TOP GUN attitude for success, the qualities successful people and the tools and tactics they use to manifest their goals. According to Wayne the most outstanding quality is….

Successful people take action.

They also set goals, have a written plan, they often ‘treasure map’ their goals and …they start with the end in mind. Life is a ‘do it yourself game’. 80% comes down to attitude and knowing how to put yourself in the pilots seat is as important as knowing why you want to be there.

Wayne is your perfect contact, especially if you’re in your own business. Whether you are looking to improve your sales, your sales management techniques or your negotiating skills, rush over to his Top Gun website right now by clicking here.



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