Master the Crazy Person Inside Your Brain

Master the Crazy Person Inside Your Brain

You’ll love this week’s episode of Talking Trading. The mindset secrets of astronauts will be revealed, plus how you can apply these lessons to improve your trading results. You’ll also hear about what’s hot in today’s markets, and learn why ego can be a very dirty word.

Market Wrap – Jonathan Barratt

A strong close for the US market last Friday where it retained its record highs.

The domestic market closed well also but with iron ore under extreme pressure, Jono recommends switching your gaze from resource sectors to the airlines. Virgin and Qantas are still depressed and Jono thinks there may be opportunities.

And his trading tips this week: reassess your portfolios and look at those positions which haven’t moved.


Richard LieRichard Lie

Richard Lie was one of the pioneers of technical analysis in Dow Jones in London and is the founder of Stockradar trading company.

Richard shares his distinguished trading journey from when he started to where he is now. You’ll hear about the time an overnight position turned horribly wrong, the occasions his ego has caught him out, and the instances he failed the discipline test and didn’t follow his trading plan.

Richard has some sound advice to those starting in the markets, and he’ll share how a lifestyle by the beach is just one of the rewards trading has given him.

To see more of what Richard Lie offers to the world of trading, check out his Stock Radar website at this link.

To check out Richard’s blog, click here.


Scott BywaterScott Bywater

Scott ( is Australia’s King of Copywriting who has overcome ‘negative self talk’ to go from living in a half way house to generating millions of dollars through the power of the written word.

Scott tells the power of harnessing your potential by training your mind. Simple tricks and techniques with big picture questions to override the crazy person in side your brain. Who is normal anyway? Hardship is an opportunity to strengthen your mind and ultimately overcoming negative self-talk is the key to success.

To grab the advertising cheat sheets that Scott has offered all Talking Trading listeners, click here.

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