Real Life Trading Part 1

Real Life Trading Part 1

Lieutenant Dan changed more than just Forrest’s life when he invested in Apple, he inspired a very young Jerremy Newsome. After some excruciating lessons Jerremy Newsome came back stronger, with more discipline and strict trading rules. Hear his remarkable high-octane energy story. Louise Bedford tells you how your trading plan will catch you when you jump.


FORREST GUMP inspired Jerremy’s first investment into the markets.

Remember when Lieutenant Dan bought Forrest Gump some shares in a fruit company?

You know the one…. APPLE.

Well Forrest wasn’t the only one to buy them. A young Jerremy asked his Dad to purchase some for himself as well and he has been in the market ever since.

After an excruciating start to his option career where he lost all of his father’s retirement money Jerremy shut himself inside studying the dynamics of the markets and created strict trading rules for himself.

Once he knew he could follow a trading plan he attacked the market like a WOLVERINE.

Hands down the hardest thing to do trading for Jerremy is WAITING and DOING NOTHING.

He has to let his control freak slide and prove there are consequences to breaking his trading rules.

Jerremy also knows his DEMONS. He has honed his psychology to become a great loser and knows the traits which can slip him up.

To contact Jerremy go to: OR

His cell phone number is + 1 352 2464596.


Mindpower Louise Bedford

The perfectionist in us wants to be completely ready.

But the penchant for perfectionism is rarely rewarded.

Be bold and jump into the markets… and when you do your trading plan will catch you.

It will be the HANG GLIDER that lifts you with the wind and protects you with your stops.


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