Equity Mates

Equity Mates

Bryce and Alec are two young men who are inspiring millennials to invest. You will love hearing millennial energy as they discuss why they started investing, the pressures and frustrations they face and stocks which pique their interest. And get out of your financial funk with Louise Bedford.

Mindpower – Louise bedford

Lack of money often brings feelings of SHAME.

Louise looks at this pervasive emotion and how to deal with it to get out of your financial funk.



Bryce and Alec

Bryce and Alec are two millennials who went to university together and wanted to break into the world of investing,

FRUSTRATED at the amount of JARGON the market world threw at them they educated themselves and then decided to inspire other investing hungry millennials by establishing the Equity Mates podcast.

Their goal is to help beginner traders learn about the market from beginning to dividend.

Enjoy the fresh air these millennials offer as we talk about the 8th wonder of the world the law of compounding, some of the juicier stocks that pique millennials interest and the frustration’s they face in 2019.

To find out more about the Equity Mates podcast go to: www.equitymates.com

Plus, you can listen to Louise being interviewed on the Equity Mates podcast at this link. She was interviewed on their inaugral 100th episode of their podcast. Just wait until you hear her little ‘heated debate’ with one of them about the right length of time a trade should take.

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