Sunshine State Markets

Sunshine State Markets

Get the low down on the Brisbane property market and what is ahead for the Sunshine State with Brett Warren.  Chris Tate also looks at when the first helmet appeared in cricket and how this reflects on male traders and Louise Bedford discusses the power of unreasonable friends in your life.

A Little Trading Chris Tate

Did you know… the first groin guard in cricket appeared in the 1870’s but the first helmet appeared 100 years later.

Chris looks at how that reflects on male traders and which personalities more likely than others to succeed in the markets.


MINDPOWER Louise Bedford

We all need unreasonable friends in our life.

People who tell us to grow, to better ourselves, who support our SUCCESS and prod us into our POTENTIAL.

You are the average of the 5 people closest to you in life and you need friends who support you to fulfil your dreams.


Brett Warren

With the Federal election set for May and Bill Shorten’s proposal of changes to negative gearing we take a look at the Brisbane property market.

In Brisbane the median price of a unit is approximately $300 000 and the median price range for a house is roughly $550 000 and while it might have Sydney and Melbourne dwellers salivating the Brisbane market has not moved much over the past decade.

The GFC, floods, the mining down turn have affected employment and people moving to the Sunshine State.

However, the medium to long term picture is a different story. Over 12 football fields of infrastructure are planned in the CBD, a second runway at the airport is due to open in 2020 and 4 of the biggest hospitals are expanding.

The next property cycle is looking interesting for Sunshine State buyers.

To find out more about the Brisbane Property market contact Brett at: or call 1300 Metropole and have a free consultation with a property strategist in your location.


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