Real Life Trading 2

Real Life Trading 2

Every trader truly craves one thing: FREEDOM. Jerremy Newsome is back this episode with his favourite topics of fear, greed and freedom in the markets and the method he uses RELIGIOUSLY to overcome a losing streak. Louise Bedford talks about how to carve out your TIME.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

How will we find time to investigate the markets and become really good at this thing called trading?

What can you give up so you can open up your life – what can you trade so that you end up trading?



FEAR AND GREED are visceral topics to Jerremy.

He loves to talk about them.

He also loves to talk about what traders truly crave and the answer is:


Freedom for themselves, their family and their loved ones.

But deep down many people have a subconscious barrier and they are afraid to get it. Jerremy has some fascinating insights around the psychology and what blocks people from making money.

He also talks about what he does to overcome a losing streak! He has 6 things he does religiously every time:

  1. He gets out of the house, away from the computer
  2. He goes somewhere he has never been before
  3. He gives money away to people
  4. He does not change his strategy
  5. He goes back to each losing trades and back tests it 10 times
  6. Once he learns what he can do better he goes and shares that with somebody.

Final Piece of advice Jerremy has for traders: find out all the bad things about yourself and figure out rules to protect yourself from yourself. The market is simply a mirror of you.

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His cell phone is + 352 2464596


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