Pinball Trading

Pinball Trading

Ever feel like the pinball in the pinball machine of life? Motivational speaker Chris Helder talks on how to Cut the Noise and get out of your comfort zones. Louise Bedford discusses cancelling the binge-purge cycle and Braden Gardiner talks trading routines.


It is really hard to be perfect – Chris Helder

Do you feel pressure to be the perfect parent, spouse, employee, and trader, whilst being perfectly fit and never ageing?

All the while knowing deep down that it is not normal to be perfect!

Getting bounced around like THE PINBALL in the PINBALL MACHINE OF LIFE is not the most powerful way to live.

Cutting the noise and finding conscious awareness frees us from this cycle. It also gets us out of our comfort zones.

On a primitive level our brains’ job is to keep us safe so dangerous animals don’t eat us. But it also means that we stay in comfort zones, not growing.

We just don’t want to be safe we want to feel ALIVE.

And we feel most alive when we get out there.

The things you are most proud of were achieved when you were pushing and challenging yourselves out of your comfort zone.

For 2018 – say ‘WOW’ I have one of the greatest years of my life. What does that look like for you?


Braden Gardiner

A morning routine is one of the most important things in Braden’s trading. It helps his mindset and what to expect to see for the day.

He discusses mistakes he sees other trades making as well as the importance of finding your niche in the markets.


MIndpower Binge Purge Cycle

Trading is a marathon it is not a sprint.

Trying to do everything 100% percent of the time leads to burn out, injury and inconsistent results.

Trading is something if you do a little every day you will see results.



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