Cut the Noise

Cut the Noise

Mindpower – Louise Bedford
Don’t Give Up

When you think back over your life there are things you handle now that were once as perplexing as hell.

Once you have conquered a skill the struggle is forgotten and trading is no exception.

The efforts you are going to now will set you up for a life of ease in the future.


Chris Helder

Motivational speaker Chris Helder continues discussing his new Wiley bestseller Cut the Noise and he tells the incredible story of his mother during Operation Baby Lift.

In 1975 as the Vietnam War was raging, a mass evacuation of orphan babies from South Vietnam to western countries took place.

Operation Baby Lift ended up saving over 10,000 babies from the Vietcong.

Chris’s Mum was a volunteer in the operation.

She was supposed to be on the first jet out of Saigon which blew up killing 222 volunteers and orphan babies.

Instead, she ended up on the second flight and we hear how she overcame her moment of panic and terror to continue the mission to end up saving 2,700 babies.


Chris’ message:  Dial into your purpose and do something special.

Chris also discusses core beliefs and identity as the final step in cutting the noise. Remember to order Chris’s fabulous new book at this link.


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