Kick Your Trading Goals

Kick Your Trading Goals

Mentoree Wendy Gaylord on her trading journey and Louise Bedford on why it is dangerous to share your goals too soon.


Wendy Gaylord – Mentoree 2016

Wendy Gaylord thought she was the last person in the world to have anything to do with trading.

But life had other plans for her.

Four years ago she met Louise Bedford at a party and her journey in the markets began.

Hear how the mentor program unearthed deep patterns in her psychology, which were preventing her achieving to her capacity and how taking Louise’s advice to break things down into baby steps became a strategy and life lesson.


Braden Gardiner – Trade Direct 365

Broker Braden Gardiner discusses his service at Trade Direct 365.




Mindpower – Louise bedford

Having goals is important.

Sharing goals is important too.

Not OVER sharing your goals is more important still.

Louise looks at what neurologically happens when you share goals too soon with people and why you must be guarded.

Your subconscious needs reinforcement after the achievement of the goal not before it.


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