Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets

Aksel Kibar from ‘The Jewel of the Black Sea’ in Bulgaria on his trading style and the frontier market of the UAE. Plus, hear from Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment about why you should never stop learning in the markets.


Aksel Kibar

Aksel has worked for the largest banks in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi.

He spent 9 years trading in the sovereign investment world of the United Arab Emirates witnessing its transition from a ‘frontier’ to an ‘emerging’ market.

In this interview we find out whether technical analysis was a legitimate way to look at the markets in the middle-eastern world and how it compared with fundamental analysis at the time.

We also discuss how charting is the international language crossing all borders and cultures and why Aksel started focusing on flat range break outs in the region.

Aksel describes his trading routine and the human emotions he has to be on the look out for whilst trading.

We also take a brief look at the socio economic climate of the UAE and Turkey and finally Aksel gives three pieces of advice to traders.

To find out more about Aksel’s work go to


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

The true professional never stops learning and growing.

The real win in the markets is the trading education you have gained after all this time.

The real prize is the growth your trading education has forced you to take.

Never stop learning about the markets.


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