Disruptive Tech

Disruptive Tech

Phil Carey on revolutionary technology and its exponential rate of growth and Louise Bedford on finding your best success environment.

Phil CareyPhil Carey

Revolutionary technology is changing the way we do things on planet earth.

Kinetic cold fusion, robotic arms building skyscrapers are some of the things to look forward to in the next face of technological advancement.

In this interview we define disruptive technologies, discuss the speed of change and the next wave of engineering with artificial intelligence and voice recognition.

We also look at the power of cores beliefs and understanding your mission.

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Louise Bedford

Choose your success environment.

When you choose your environment do you wish to be surrounded by bright shimmering examples of success or do you choose to be alone in opaque waters?

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How to trade full-time

It’s important to build a little downtime in our regular routines.

If Louise is meeting someone for a lunch break she’ll often arrive early and explore the area.

One of these trips saw her exploring a beach.

She observed that the stunted, stagnant, sea life, safe from the waves was dull and ‘lifeless’.

The sea life in the rougher, riskier water was more vibrant and alive, reveling in the nutrients.

Which environment do you want to be in? Where you are surrounded by bright shimmering examples of success? Or do want to be alone and desolate and grimy even though your life looks pretty good from the surface.

Be where the nutrients are.

Why wouldn’t you choose the best environment?

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You’re going to want to be in the room.

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