The future of trading is revealed in this week's episode. Get ready to hear about the new opportunities that await you in today's markets.


Market Wrap with jono barratt

The Aussie market led the rally in the global equity markets last week while a bounce in the Dow has set the course for a bit of bull run in the US.

Find out which opportunities Jono is looking at and hear his free trading advice for the week.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford


It’s the quality needed more than any other to become an effective share trader.

Without it you will never master the markets but with it you can rule your universe. So dig deep and find your passion and put on another trade.

It is your way out.


Rick-KlinkRick Klink Managing Director of OpenMarkets and Genevieve Wood

Online broking is the latest buzzword in the finance industry.  With its huge price advantage it is creating a revolution for share traders.

As the only independent online broking firm OpenMarkets is affording traders even greater freedom by allowing their choice of cash providers and lowering the costs of offshore stocks.

OpenMarkets is an independent Australian stockbroker specialising in online trading solutions for investors, traders and intermediary groups.

Rick discusses his personal quest to remove the costs of broking as well as what the future of the markets looks like for investors.



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