Know your market type – free trading advice

Know your market type – free trading advice

In this episode Ashley Jessen from Invast Financial Services shares the characteristics of trending, range-bound and volatile markets and how to make money from each. Also hear how the FX markets are HOT and what to expect from our markets this week.


Market Wrap with Ashley Jessen

It was an exciting week in the US markets as they pushed forward 0.7% to notch their best week weekly gain in almost 2 years.

The Aussie market also performed well bouncing up 2.1% to recover 50% of its recent losses.

Expect volatility to be high this coming week as the Federal Reserve meets on Wednesday. Ashley’s trading tip is to monitor your stop losses carefully.


Multiple Market Types – ASHLEY JESSEN

Purple patches may come and go but types of markets stay the same.

In an ideal world Ashley Jessen recommends using multiple trading systems for 3 market types.

  1. Trending
  2. Range-bound
  3. Volatile

However, the reality of time scarcity means that most traders need to have ONE system with a strong awareness of which market it suits best and to target your indicators and expectations accordingly.

Ashley covers the biggest problems traders make when building their systems, the main market types you should focus on, the right technical indicators to cover each market type and setting expectations around your new trading systems. Listen to this and you’ll feel at ease with the big picture of what is required to build effective trading systems and smooth your equity curve.


Ashley mentions a free report so that you can receive free trading advice. Did I mention that it’s free?

To receive your free report, click here.


Simpson_tumb_expColin Simpson – FX Markets

FX markets have been HOT.

Trading mentor Colin Simpson gives us the eagle-eye view over September and October.

Find out which pairs rallied and how the major currencies performed.



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