Sparkling Trader Success Stories

Sparkling Trader Success Stories

You’ll love this week’s episode. Hear Chris Tate’s wry market commentary. Chris runs the Mentor Program with Louise Bedford, and you won’t want to miss out on hearing his views. Also enjoy Mentor Program member, Justin Gillick’s, experiences of the markets. You’re going to want to take notes!


The Bank of Japan’s stimulus package on Friday sent a ripple through the markets sending the Nikkei up 5% and pushing The Dow up to new highs.

But Chris warns traders they should not get caught up in the hype surrounding the package as Japan’s market has got to prove itself first.

Hear exactly what positions Chris has on the markets at the moment.

Justin GillickJustin Gillick – Mentoree from 2010

Every morning Justin gets his head into shape before he sits down to trade. His morning routine consists of writing his journal, meditation and exercise.

Is it any wonder that Justin has been performing exceptionally well in the markets the last 12 months?

Today, Justin shares his trading journey. Listen to how he started out and made every mistake in the book and ultimately landed up in the Mentor Program. Hear about the strict discipline he enforces on himself, the trading bible he keeps with his buddy and how he has evolved his mindset to become a trader who is taking big profits from the table.


It’s time to give you the fodder so you can impress your friends at dinner parties.

Listen and you’ll find out which British businessman was the real winner of the Napoleonic Wars.





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