Kamikaze Markets – Free Trading Advice on the belting the markets took last week

Kamikaze Markets – Free Trading Advice on the belting the markets took last week

In this episode Chris Tate discusses the brush stroke, which smacked markets across the world. Tax Accountant Jason Cunningham shares what separates financial leaders from average Australians and Louise Bedford insists you can climb out of hell inch by inch.

chris_tate_expMarket Matters

It was kamikaze for the US Markets last week.

Its spectacular 5-year rise came to an abrupt end as a broad brush stroke smacked most markets around the world. Chris Tate gives you free trading advice as he discloses what he trading in these market conditions and he gives his trading tips to all investors out there.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

You can climb out of hell inch… by inch… by inch.

A world that offers the freedom to fail is a world that also offers untold riches when you succeed. We are born to try. Self-reliance is the universe of traders. It is yours when you are ready.


jason_expJason Cunningham

Want to know the stuff financial leaders are made from?

Jason shares his observations on what wealthy people do differently from average Australians and which qualities financial leaders possess.

In three words he sums up what all leaders have – self-imposed accountability, and he discusses the power of not being afraid to make a mistake.


Maggs SmithMaggs Smith – Mentoree

2010 Mentoree Maggs Smith talks with Louise Bedford about how she is beating the index.

Want to grab some Mentor Program magic for yourself? Quickly register for Priority Notification because the party has started without you.




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