SUMO – Shut Up and Move On. The Straight Talking Guide to Succeeding in Life

SUMO – Shut Up and Move On. The Straight Talking Guide to Succeeding in Life

Ready for a motivational kick in the butt? In this episode international speaker and best selling author Paul McGee shares his SUMO principles. Get ready to be invigorated, feel enthusiastic and move forward. Plus hear about the online broking world from Rick Klink and what the FX markets are doing this week.


The Sumo Guy – Paul McGee

International motivational speaker and best-selling author Paul McGee talks about his SUMO principles. Check out his website at:

Standing for Shut Up and Move On – SUMO is the straight talking guide to succeeding in life. Paul walks us through what we sometimes need to shut up about, why people get stuck in faulty thinking and how to rip off that boxing glove that keeps hitting you in the face. He gives strategies to develop ‘fruity’ thinking plus a whole raft questions to bring out the best in any situation.


Simpson_tumb_expMarket Wrap – Colin Simpson

The US had a topsy-turvy week as the Dow hit a low but came back on Friday.

The Aussie Market dropped as well but closed up slightly for the week.

Since the start of September the FX market has turned around, and as our FX expert Colin says – it is a good time to be in the FX markets. There are good aggressive pyramiding opportunities this week with the US dollar and precious metals. And his advice to traders this week – stick to your plan.


Café Conversations – Rick Klink from Open Markets

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate join Rick Klink from Open Markets online broking firm to discuss Rick’s personal quest to lower the cost of brokerage.

Hear how brokerage costs have hit a stalemate, the recent history behind unbundling, and why Rick wants to lower the brokerage costs and pass the savings onto the client.


drinksJoin Chris and Louise for a drink… our shout

Come and see Rick Klink, Chris Tate and Louise Bedford in action. Register for a free evening in Melbourne with Open Markets and The Trading Game where Chris Tate will be presenting on Complexity is Rubbish and is Probably Making You Poor.

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It will give you a jolt to get you on track in the markets. You’ll walk out of the room with a big smile on your face, having made a whole heap of new trading friends.



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