Olympic Trading

Olympic Trading
It is all a matter of perspective in this week’s episode of Talking Trading as we talk to Paralympian John Maclean. After being hit by 8-ton truck whilst cycling on a motorway, John Maclean became an incomplete paraplegic. John’s mental fortitude kept pushing him towards his dreams of being a professional athlete and now, after 25 years in a wheelchair, he is walking again.
For all the traders who are pursuing their dreams and working towards their goals, this interview will make you feel like it is all possible. Louise Bedford also looks at a perspective on life and urges you to take her challenge to try one trading tip at home.


LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford – Mindpower

Try this at home

Here is a challenge for you.

Choose from this list and create an action step for you and your trading.

  1. Read through your trading plan to see if it still sits with your objectives.
  2. Show appreciation to your spouse.
  3. Be grateful for your trades and your trader’s life so make sure you make it all that it can be.
  4. Give yourself a treat next time you follow your trades to the letter.

Choose one of these four objectives and contact Louise at louise@tradinggame.com.au  and tell her how you went.


John MacleanJohn Maclean

At age 22 whilst cycling on a motorway John Maclean was hit by an 8-ton truck.

He broke his back and became an incomplete paraplegic.

Determined to stay in the game of life a John set enormous challenges for himself and became the first wheelchair athlete to compete in the World Iron Man, the first paraplegic to swim the English Channel and was a two- time competitor in the Paralympics winning silver.

John wanted to prove himself an equal without a dis-advantage or a dis-ability and continue to live his dream of being a professional athlete.

After 25 years of being in a wheelchair in 2013 John started to leave his wheels behind.

He is now able to walk again.

With a combination of technology out of the US military – carbon fiber leg bracing, and tremor therapy, John is now able to pick up his son, walk the dog, hold hands with his wife and walk on the beach with her and ride a bike.

Where did his mental fortitude come from?

From the little boy who loved to run.

His advice – Let the truck moments go.

If you truly able to let go of the past and live in the present you are able to explore your potential and do all the things you want to do. Get back to the little boy or girl who wants to try.

John chooses to live in the moment and not 1988. Because he lives in the now he was able to explore all the potential possibilities offered to him and proved that dreams do come true if you believe and surround yourself with people who support them.

John continues to live his dreams.

John’s book How Far Can You Go is available online and in stores.

To help children in wheelchairs donate to the John Maclean foundation: jmf.foundation.com.au

John Maclean


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