Mars Versus Venus

Mars Versus Venus
When it comes to investing, Mars needs a little more help from Venus. Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems discusses the different ways men and women invest and why women need to take a more active role. Men tend to suffer the effects of Marlboro Man bravado and its accompanying brothers of anger and frustration. Gary shares tactics he used as a young trader to overcome negative emotions and trade effectively. Louise Bedford also urges you TAKE ACTION. Stop ruminating and expand.

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Get Unstuck

Do you feel like the drowning man holding onto your anchor?

Take action. Stop ruminating. Feel your expansion rather than contract.

Get unstuck.

And develop good habits to take conscious control and free your willpower. Think of the habits you want to live and visualise what your perfect day would look like.


gary stoneGary Stone

When it comes to investing, Mars needs a little more from Venus.

The role women traditionally play is the no-nonsense executive of the board where they hold their partner accountable for their investing results.

But in Gary Stone’s research women are actually the better active investors and they should be taking a more energetic role in a household’s wealth.

Why are women better investors?

Men suffer the effects of Marlboro Man bravado. Ego and pride and thinking they know better tends to override their trading process causing missteps in the markets.

The other Achilles Heal for men is anger and frustration causing knee-jerk reactions in the markets and breakage of the trading process.

But when it comes to gathering wealth the stock market returns are completely objective and the results speak for themselves.

Women tend to be better at following an investment process, they are happier to follow the recipe and put in the correct amount of herbs and spices whereas a man will tip in an entire bottle of chilli into the markets and wonder why he has blown his own head off.

BlueprintWealth_CoverOver the years Gary has formed habits trading to keep his psyche fit for the market and not be distracted by male tendencies. Hear what they are in this interview and his final pieces of advice to all men and women investors: Becoming a successful active investor makes you a better person.

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