Global Meltdown?

Global Meltdown?

The Donald Trumpets War with North Korea but the markets remain unflustered. Hear how countries around the world are performing as Britain stands for a shellacking in its Brexit divorce and domestic markets knock on the 6000 door. Learn the habits of the wealthy in Mindpower as Louise Bedford shares her roadmap to success in 3 strategies to overcome the Kafka Effect.

LB - Trading MentorMindpower- Louise Bedford

Feeling tired and overwhelmed and not sure you can do this?

Wondering if you will ever make a buck?

Learn the habits of the wealthy as Louise Bedford shares 3 strategies she personally uses to overcome the Kafka Effect, that infamous fog that sets in just before a major break through.

The 3 strategies Louise uses to walk into clarity:

1) Tiny steps.

Work out all the tiny steps you need to do in order to accomplish your goals. The smaller the better.

2) Scheduling

Put all those micro steps into a calendar and make each manageable so you can complete it.

3) Accountability

Work out your accountability tendency. Are you an upholder, an obligor, a questioner or a rebel? Find a partner and be accountable.

chris_tate_expMarket Wrap – Chris Tate

The Donald Trumpets War. Are we heading for a global meltdown, or is this just the business of trading as usual?

It has been 100 days in office for Donald Trump, amongst other things he is threatening a nuclear option with North Korea…. but the US markets aren’t reflecting on this.

The Nasdaq rose to 5583 continuing to be the standout in US indices.

Meanwhile it looks like The Poms are going to take a shellacking as the other Donald EU Council President Donald Tusk is insisting the divorce of the Brexit will be very harsh for Britain.

And with all divorces … some do well. Germany and Europe continue to remain strong and the euro is up against the pound.

In Australia we performed magnificently and knocked on the 6000 door. Domestic stocks haven’t looked this strong for a while and Chris discusses our northern neighbours.

Hear where Chris is looking for his trading opportunities and his views on short, medium and long-term markets.


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