Everest Trading

Everest Trading

In 2010 Patrick Hollingworth stood on the rooftop of the world. Hear his journey of crevasses, melting glaciers, falling ice cliffs, oxygen deprivation, and drops of 3km either side on a knife ridge summit to finally see the sun rise from the highest place on earth. Hear Louise Bedford’s mountain to climb in mindpower and how just like Patrick, tiny steps get you to your trading summit.

Hollingworth Patrick - Web 2015 3Patrick Hollingworth

Mount Everest.

At nearly 9 vertical kilometres into the earth’s atmosphere Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.

In 2010 Patrick watched the sun rise on The Rooftop of the World.

Imagine crevasses so black they appear bottomless…. then tying 3 ladders together with rope and crossing them.

Imagine weaving under ice cliffs, which are constantly moving and collapsing around you.

Picture standing a knife’s ridge with 3 km drops either side of you.

Then imagine watching the sunrise from the highest place on earth.

On the summit of Everest.

Come and be spellbound by our climb to the tallest peak on earth.

LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford – Mindpower
Climbing your trading mountain.

Just like Patrick – take baby steps to climb your trading mountain.

Leaping onto the sheer side of the cliff only damages your self-esteem and bank balance.

Learn to walk the gentle slope to summit and take incremental steps in tiny isolation.

Be willing to gradually and persistently pursue your trading goals.

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