Networking Secrets Of The Wealthy

Networking Secrets Of The Wealthy
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The power of meeting people face-to-face is spelt out by Louise Bedford and Jason Cunningham. Chris Tate looks at ideal books for beginner traders.

Zig Ziglar said ‘You will be the same person you are today in 5 years except for the books you read and the people you meet.’

Being a trader or a business owner can be horridly ISOLATING and it can feel like you are working in a vacuum and without support.

The magic meeting people face to face is all the difference you need to feel good so get out and meet people professionally.

Hear star accountant Jason Cunningham on how like-minded people are at the events you want to be where there is synergy and whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. (5.00mins)

At (9.50mins) hear Jason’s 3 tips for making the most of a big event and at (11.30mins) hear Louise’s strategy for small talk which helps her connect with people and then at (12.30mins) hear Louise’s top tips for attending an event.

Set the intention that you are going to attend some incredible events over the next 12 months. If you don’t you will be stuck at home continuing to be uninspired.

But the magic of meeting people face to face has the potential of expanding your world and your hip pocket.

Get out and meet people professionally.

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