Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees

Blow your money limitations out of the water with Jerremy Newsome and the kick the saboteurs which block your trading. Louise Bedford on how to negotiate to get what you want.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

In Louise’s segment this week, she discusses – How to negotiate to make sure you get what you want.





Jerremy Newsome

Jerremy’s father was an apple farmer whose money grew on a tree, literally!

So to Jerremy, money really did grow on trees and he learnt that if you have the right psychology money can be manifested out of thin air.

At 6.40 mins hear how it is your job as a trader to make as much money as you want.

Then 7.40 mins hear how Jerremy thinks it is not a lack of resources but the lack of resourcefulness that holds us back from achieving what we want.

At 18.05 mins hear some positive statements to make around money which Jerremy says to himself every single day and at 20.10 mins we talk about the power of visualising and we go full circle and see how subconscious beliefs impact Jerremy’s trading.

This interview will blow the lid off your blocks around money.

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