Million Dollar Traders

Million Dollar Traders

Trading coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani on how to build self-confidence and tap into your inner super-hero.

Doug and Louise

Louise Bedford Unsung Hero

Doug Blandford lives on a huge property out the back of WA in a place so remote people can’t find it on a map.

He is a retired Environmental Earth Scientist and life hasn’t been easy. But he took his resilience to share trading and finessed his plan, took on the advice of Louise Bedford and Chris Tate and his results have been spectacular.

Caroline and Mandi

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

The number one question Mandi gets asked as a trading coach is ‘How Can I Be More Confident?’

The answer comes through habits.

At 5.35 mins we talk on how habits form a structure which brings clarity and leads to confidence. Mandi is close to legendary trader Linda Raschke and she shares how important structure is to Linda’s trading.

At 13.10 mins Mandi looks at the power of self-talk and how successful traders externalise their feelings into action and solutions. Hear the personal pep talk Linda Raschke gives herself when she is down to tap into her inner wonder woman to find solutions.

At 17.30 mins hear the power and importance of having a team of traders around you and the power of a trading community.

You will love Mandi once more with her insights.

To find out more about Mandi go to She will give you a free

30-minute free assessment and ideas on how to move forward.


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