Trading Buddies

Trading Buddies

Creating a trading family with Louise Bedford and mentoree Yvonne King.

Yvonne King

Trading can be a solitary occupation – but there are ways to feel more connection and establish a support network in the markets.

Many listeners know that Chris Tate and Louise Bedford have been running their Mentor Program for the past 20 years. However, they also run a graduate program called The Trading Boardroom. Yvonne King completed the Mentor Program in 2018 and has been a Trading Boardroom member since 2019.

Yvonne talks about the importance of support and the role her buddy group meetings in Adelaide play in her trading life.

At 13.17 mins hear the level of focus that The Mentor Program and Boardroom have brought Yvonne and how she discovered along the way that “planning for trading is the same as planning for life”.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Having the right team around you counts, even in the solitary area of trading.

Getting the right support, getting your needs met, and working out who you need to be a success.

Once you are a success you drag a whole lot of people up that success tree with you.


Chris Tate – A Little Trading

You do not have to be good at maths to trade.

In fact, coming from the freaky, maths genius mind of CT, he suggests the better at maths you are the worse your trading will be.

Trading is a really simple profession – you buy stuff.



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