Million Dollar Traders 2

Million Dollar Traders 2

Trading Coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani on what makes traders great.

Louise Bedford Unsung Hero

Frederick Hoogenboom trades from Singapore and doesn’t use distance as an excuse.

Fred, we love your results and that you are working on trading besides your time-intensive career.

Trading provides a little bit of extra and the feeling that you are cheating the system.


Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

In part 2 of this interview, Mandi spills the beans on what makes traders’ great.

At 3.10 mins hear how the most important this a trader can do is know their weaknesses and how they perform under market pressure.

Hear the difference between active versus professional trading and how 75% of traders make a loss and 25% make a dollar profit or more at 11.05 mins.

And the two reasons why traders lose money:

  1. They let their losses run
  2. They scale into their losing trades.

At 11.45 mins Mandi shares how guilt is the most common emotional block which hinders trader’s performance and how all it takes is a transformational coaching session to remove.

To get in touch with Mandi go to and check out her free 30-minute assessment and coaching packages.



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