Mentoree – Maree Burgess

Mentoree – Maree Burgess

In this episode of Talking Trading Louise Bedford shares how personal mission statement at age 19 was to liberate people’s lives through trading. She still has the same purpose and wants to help liberate your life as well. We also hear from mentoree Maree Burgess on what it takes to create a high point in the markets and how trading has given her the autonomy and ability to create her destiny.

Bedford_06_white-bgYour Life’s Mission

Are you living your life’s purpose?

Do you have soul satisfaction?

When Louise was 19 she wrote her life’s mission statement – it guided her life and meant so much to her that once she worked out how to trade that she wanted to help liberate other people lives using trading as tool.

She wants to liberate yours as well.

Are you ready to move forward and trade your fears for peace and your anxiety for confidence? It is one thing to hear your hearts’ calling and it is another thing to act on it.

Maree1Mentoree – Maree Burgess

Maree Burgess’s trading mantra is follow the system.

The high point in Maree’s trading journey was last year when she broke even in a couple of good trades and eradicated all her previous trading losses.

The lights went on.

She cracked her system.

The early stages of the Mentor Program were the lowest point in Maree’s trading career when she became aware of how much time she had spent trading doing stupid things.

Now trading well is a fundamental part of Maree’s identity. She is a wife, a mum, a corporate banker and a trader. Trading gives her the autonomy and ability to create her destiny.

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