Maria Montgomery 2014 Mentoree

Maria Montgomery 2014 Mentoree

Maria Montgomery joined the Trading Game Mentor Program in 2014 to become a professional trader and in this episode we explore the changes it has brought within herself and her life. Hear how share trading fills Maria’s week and how it has created more discipline and financial literacy. Also hear how realising money is important is the first step in getting a heck of a lot more of it from Louise Bedford in ‘Mindpower’ and find out what the markets are doing this week with Chris Weston from IG Markets.


Chris_WestonMarket Wrap – Chris Weston from IG markets

The bears are starting to growl in the US with the S&P down 1.1%.

With deterioration also in Asia global equities are losing a bit of momentum.

Find out which FX pairs are trending and how the Aussie Dollar is performing.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Have You Got Enough?

Money is important and realizing this is your first step in getting a heck of a lot more of it.

If you don’t treat something with respect it will slip away out of your life.

Your nest egg needs to be bigger than you ever imagined – now is the time stay vigilant- trade well now and reap the rewards for later in life.


MariaMaria Montgomery 2014 Mentoree

One year down the track how does a graduate of the 2014 Mentor Program feel about her career?

Burning with a desire to trade like a professional Maria enrolled in the Mentor Program.

With her weekly trading routine set, her support on the forum guaranteed, the guidance from Louise Bedford and Chris Tate are seared in her psyche.

As she has progressed in her market ability Maria has become more disciplined and financially literate. And her journey as a newbie has just begun; there are many years ahead for this bright young trader.

To check out the Mentor Program, and get involved in Priority Notification, click here.

Over the next short while, Louise Bedford will be releasing some spectacular free training, but only to those registered on Priority Notification. So get that wrapped up now. Register for free today.



Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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