Kirsten Stoldt – from farmer to trader

Kirsten Stoldt – from farmer to trader

In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we hear from Trading Game Mentoree Kirsten Stoldt. After taking a break from intensive farming Kirsten tackled the markets to become a successful trader. Hear her journey of trading experiences, her lessons of detachment and how her trading system has evolved to plough the markets of profits.


kirstenKirsten Stoldt – from farmer to trader

Mentoree Kirsten Stoldt migrated from Germany 20 years ago and established a farm in tropical Australia. In 2011 she decided to take on the markets and has built a robust trading system which earns her profits.

In both farming and trading there is NO INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Learning detachment and internalising the attitude to have no opinion on the markets has been the hardest thing for Kirsten to master, and working on her psychology and overcoming frustration is still one of her priorities.

Hear how Kirsten has learnt to just keep swinging the bat until the profits flow, find out what positions she has on at the moment and the pearls of advice which sustain and drive her towards big trading returns.

Mastering a trading system can be simple but it is never EASY.



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