Chris Tate’s Market Wrap – Big Moves

Chris Tate’s Market Wrap – Big Moves

Ready to hear the big plays in the market this week?

We’re rushing you this Market Wrap where Chris Tate takes you through the current state of the Aussie and US markets and also outlines the big commodity movers.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Current state of the US markets both long and short term. Find out Chris Tate’s view on the stand-out market in the US.
  2. What is driving the returns in US markets and why this might be a problem.
  3. The big movers in commodity markets in the last week. What this means for the local market.
  4. The big play in uranium.
  5. How to play uranium in the local market. Listen for Chris’s advice on which uranium mining stocks to avoid.
  6. Where traders need to concentrate their interest in the local market both in the short and long term.

About Chris Tate

Chris Tate is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia.

He is the best-selling author of ‘The Art of Trading’ and ‘The Art of Options Trading in Australia’

He’s been running the 6-month repeat-for-free Mentor Program since the year 2000, and he’s also the founder of, a free weekly trading podcast.

With a background as an immunologist, and his previous work as a bouncer, Chris’s life experiences will amaze you. When he’s not hanging out with his traders, he can be seen lifting weights at the gym, enjoying yoga… and trying to get a personal best time on his rowing machine in his garage.

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Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

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