This week’s episode will fire you up to trade the hot opportunities the market is offering right here, right now. Plus, you’ll hear about what it takes to create lifetime wealth, and to have a passion for work that means you want to keep jumping out of bed in the mornings.

chris_tate_expMarket Wrap with Chris Tate

The word of the day is CHINA.

Over the past week the entire complex, which also includes Hong Kong has performed powerfully. Is it a bubble? Chris Tate says: ‘Who really cares’. The aim of the game is to chase the money.

And while Hillary Clinton may be shaking up American politics the US markets remain underwhelming. The Aussie market is still vaguely positive but we are lumbering under the 6000-point mark and hamstrung by a lack of impetus in base metals. We need something to break the psychological deadlock, which will give us a clean lift.

Find out which positions Chris is placing this week and hear his advice to traders.

Anthony Robbins TIP

The Self Empowerment Giant comes to Sydney this week and in time for his seminar we have Tony Robbins Tip. Which trait is universal to ALL successful people?

harry louise chrisDr Harry Stanton – Peak Performance Coach – and Louise Bedford

Hear about Dr Harry’s passion for working and life.


The Parton brothersParton Brothers – Café Conversations

Anthony and Ashley Parton work with David Chia, and the team at Relate Empower Deliver (RED). Absorbed, imbued and soaked in the Australian market environment their insights and experience provide us with guidance on how to find meaningful reward throughout the investment journey. These two men discuss the journey in the markets and give their advice.

Some of the highlights that they discuss are:

  • Know your WHY for trading so you will persist when the going gets tough.
  • The markets are about the story, the experience, and feeling empowered.
  • Treat trading like life – it takes time and patience but there is great reward.
  • You will look back and say “I didn’t only learn about the money – I learned about myself.”

To read more about Relate Empower Deliver, click here.


Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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