African Wisdom for Trading Vision

African Wisdom for Trading Vision

The continent of Africa comes to Talking Trading this week with Getrude Matshe. The wind blew this African lady with a big vision to the city of Wellington in New Zealand. Getrude has since created 6 successful businesses, has written a movie script LA is calling for and has started a foundation for sufferers of HIV. Getrude highlights the importance of vision and affirmations in creating your business. Sit back and hear the sounds of Africa through her story. Louise Bedford also discusses the power of visualisations and affirmations in her book review and hear Chris Tate’s trading quote of the week.


Getrude MAtshe

The wind blew this African lady with a big vision to the city of Wellington in New Zealand. She has since created six successful businesses including a talent agency for African extras when Peter Jackson was in town filming Lord of the Rings

The fact she had to cheat and spray paint everyone brown so they looked like one tribe didn’t stop her. Nor did it stop her to go on to create her Africa Alive Foundation, which sponsors 580 African HIV infected children.

Getrude believes in the power of a VISION. Instead of having an employer determine her self worth, she dictates how successful in business she is by how much she can CREATE. With LA calling her for her movie script, and her Africa Alive Foundation, she is on a mission to raise awareness around HIV in her country.

Hear the sounds of Africa and the power of holding your vision in clear focus.

To read more about Getrude Matshe go to:



Book Review with Louise Bedford

Louise’s favourite book this week is Mind Power by John Kehoe.

Kehoe shows you how to get out of remote control and into conscious awareness. Find out the visualisation Louise practices in front of her computer screen to make her a great trader.



chris_tate_expChris Tate’s Trading Quote of The Week

Pithy – quick – insightful. Hear the Bald Headed Bear’s trading quote of the week.







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