Joy is an Inside Job

Joy is an Inside Job

In this episode international speaker and author Amanda Gore discusses the steps to finding your inner joy. Put on your gratitude glasses, count your blessings and get ready to laugh. Amanda shares deep wisdom wrapped in humour so you can ditch your old habits and you can begin living with joy and purpose.
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Amanda-GoreAmanda Gore

International speaker and author Amanda Gore is a glow bug of energy and joy.

Voted one of the USA ‘s top 25 speakers she shares with the steps to finding your INNER JOY.

Ever found your thoughts caught in first world problems? Or taken for granted people, situations and things in your life? Putting on gratitude glasses is the single most important thing we can do to living with joy and purpose. Amanda gives us 12 stepping-stones to joyful living, which include unearthing the 3 core hidden fears people harbour.

1.   I am not worth loving or I am not good enough
2.    I am not safe in some way
3.    Fear of death abandonment or separation.

Most people lead lives of habits and patterns that are unconsciously ruled by fear. By recognizing some of these patterns you can remove the stories based on fear, which take away the capacity for joy.

Joy is a precursor to success and in Amanda’s mind the core measure of SUCCESS in life is the amount of JOY you feel. There is no greater purpose, no higher calling.

This interview helps takes you there.

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